Ausstellungsbeitrag bei einem Austausch von Studierenden der HfbK Hamburg und dem Goldsmith College London

Amersham's Arms, 2011

we met yesterday to discuss what we're going to do for the evening at the Amersham Arms. I was late and the group decided to bring in works and one of us to curate the whole show. I interrupted with the question if we don't want to make some kind of group performance/action as we already do an art show at the Goldsmiths on wednesday. Some liked the idea and we planned to meet at 12 on tuesday (today). I waited for more than half an hour and nobody came. As it was really sunny outside I decided to go to the city and walk around. It's not art, but it's as important as art. So it's all fine for me.
Sorry for those who expected a work to be seen. Best things in life aren't things.