in cooperation with burgund t brandt

a microphone captures sound which is being transformed live into a drawing printed by a dot matrix printer

Pindrone addresses the issue of constitution and representation of reality through data. A rather rudimentary set of questions was asked first: When and how data are transformed into information. How significant are structuring and documentation of this data for the purpose of representation. In this context data and meta-data are negotiated as the smallest possible units of information which (supposedly) underlie the principle of forming knowledge within our society.
The artistic approach of this installation is based on illustrating that every individual at any time produces data which could be meta-data of a Superordinate system (whose objective is unknown to the individual) at its moment of generation. To reconstruct this data, then transform it into information and thus derive action-oriented intentions from it that have an impact on our everyday life, is an idea that is just as abstract as the idea that ordinary behavior and the pattern of actions of an individual holistically affect a social system. The installation thematizes the seemingly depersonalized abstractness of the individual within the process of producing sets of data and meta-data and its consequential involvement in designing a holistic social system in which the individual is seen as a microscopically small part.
As early as the year 1927 sociologist, journalist and cultural critic Siegfried Kracauer formulated in his work The Mass Ornament: "Although the masses give rise to the ornament, they are not involved in thinking it through. As linear as it may be, there is no line that extends from the small sections of the mass to the entire figure. The ornament resembles aerial photographs of landscapes and cities in that it does not emerge out of the interior of the given conditions, but rather appears above them."

text: amelie neumann

special thanks to steffen klaue and julian jungel for technical support

// pindrone was shown in the group exhibition 'intangible threat' at spektrum berlin, transmediale/CTM vorspiel 2016 festival