8rad 2 solar

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The chassis of the 8rad is partially inspired by an open source project from n55 in collaboration with Till Wolfer. See xyzcargo

8rad 2 solar is equipped with an 1.2kwh solar system (including 4 x 12V 55Ah lead acid batteries) which enables it to drive all day long. equipped with an inverter it provides 230V power supply up to 1100W.

The space is about 8m 2 , height 2 meters and removable. total bike dimensions are 5,5m x 2m x 2,4m.

It has independent wheel suspension, 8wheels, 4 axles carrying 160kg/axle at sag 40%, equals 2 drivers + 480kg load.

Two drivers pedal independently with a 3x7x5 gear system.

Axle 1 and 2 steer, 3 includes powertrain with a differential and a 250W-pedelec-motor. 6 disc breaks in total, on axle 1,2,4.

Lights are solar powered, the 8rad fits german 'StVZO' (road traffic licensing regulations).